Coaching and therapy packages

Let's work together so you can find your way back to being yourself and enjoying life again!


3 session coaching package

Learn some quick coping skills for a single symptom or issue with a highly specialised Clinical Psychologist, Dr Becky Quicke.

Focus in on a specific symptom (eg. anxiety, brain fog, worry) or issue (eg. low confidence, work stress, divorce) that's getting in the way of life right now. Becky will teach you the exact coping strategies you need so you can start feeling more like yourself again asap. You'll receive 3 x 1hr online coaching sessions with her.

By the end you'll have clarity in understanding your current situation, skills to get unstuck from whatever is holding you back and a fresh focus on where you're going from here.

Investment: £499

6 week coaching package

Learn a full range of psychological coping strategies with 1:1 support from Clinical Psychologist, Dr Becky Quicke.

It's time to immerse yourself in learning all of the coping skills you need to transform how you feel about yourself, how you manage your symptoms and how you live your life. You'll receive lifetime access to a full library of specialist video and written resources, all gathered together and produced by Becky. The library is ordered into 6 clear steps, which teach you the skills you need to move forward and live beyond your symptoms. Becky will give you guidance on exactly what to do and when throughout the entire 6 weeks. 

You will also be fully supported by Becky in learning the new coping skills and applying them to your life situation during 3 x 1.5 hour online coaching sessions with her. 

By the end of the 6 weeks, you'll have transformed your whole approach to coping with peri/menopause symptoms and will be free from struggling with them. You'll feel more like yourself and be able to take charge of life and how you want to live it!

A huge benefit of this package is that your progress will continue well beyond the 6 weeks. Many clients say they go back and repeat the steps again when symptoms flare up or they have a wobble. Becky's videos and resources will always be there to help keep you on the right path well into the future.

Investment: £1250 (or 3 installments of £450)

12 week coaching and therapy package

If you'd like a higher level of support from Clinical Psychologist, Dr Becky Quicke, then the 12 week package is for you. 

And/or if you'd like to explore your past to understand and process old trauma and wounds then this is also the package for you. 

You'll receive everything from the 6 week package, together with a higher level of support and the chance to go deeper into any emotional issues with Becky.

You'll get 6 x 1.5 hour online sessions with Becky and the opportunity for contact with her in between sessions via an email every week for extra care, support and guidance.

Completing this package with Becky has the potential to transform your life on a deeper level. Not only will you have a whole new approach to coping with your symptoms and how to struggle less with them, but there's also the potential to find some freedom from past issues and emotional pain, which have been getting in the way of you living a full and joyful life.

You'll have a deeper connection with who you are underneath any trauma. That will become the foundation for healing and coping through peri/menopause, giving you the strength and power to enjoy life on your own terms.

This package can help bring you the peace and ease you've been looking for. 

Investment: £1750 (or 3 installments of £625)

Follow on sessions...

Individual sessions can be booked following on from all packages.

Investment: £180 per hour. 


"The psychological piece was the king piece of the jigsaw that made it all hang together. Replacing faulty coping strategies I'd used all my life has been a real process but it's definitely worth it. It was revolutionary for me and I am in a much better place as a result. If you're wavering about seeing Becky - I'd really recommend it"